Specifying and Verifying the Kademlia Protocol in Maude

Kademlia is a peer-to-peer distributed hash table (DHT) currently used in the P2P eDonkey file sharing network. Kademlia offers a number of desirable features that result from the use of a notion of distance between objects based on the bitwise exclusive (XOR) of the n-bit quantities that represent both nodes and files. Nodes keep information about files close or near to them in the key space in their routing tables. The search algorithm is based on looking for the closest node (or almost closest node, if the information is replicated) to the file key. The structure of the routing tables defined in each peer guarantees that the lookup algorithm takes no longer than log n steps.


  • M.I. Fernandez Camacho
  • I. Pita
  • A. Riesco
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