WADT 2012

21st International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques

Salamanca, Spain, June 7-10, 2012

The 21st International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques (WADT 2012) will take place in Salamanca, Spain, from 7th to 10th June, 2012.

Aims and scope:

The algebraic approach to system specification encompasses many aspects of the formal design of software systems. Originally born as a formal method for reasoning about abstract data types, it now covers new specification frameworks and programming paradigms (such as object-oriented, aspect-oriented, agent-oriented, logic and higher-order functional programming) as well as a wide range of application areas (including information systems, concurrent, distributed and mobile systems).

Topics of interest:

Typical, but not exclusive topics of interest are:

  • Foundations of algebraic specification
  • Other approaches to formal specification, including process calculi and models of concurrent, distributed and mobile computing
  • Specification languages, methods, and environments
  • Semantics of conceptual modelling methods and techniques
  • Model-driven development
  • Graph transformations, term rewriting and proof systems
  • Integration of formal specification techniques
  • Formal testing and quality assurance
  • Validation and verification

Previous WADT workshops:

  • WADT 2010, Schloss Etelsen, Germany, July 1-4, 2010.
  • WADT 2008, Pisa, Italy, June 13-16, 2008.
  • WADT 2006, La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium, June 1-3, 2006.
  • WADT 2004, Barcelona, Spain, March 27-29, 2004.